Board sells liquid packaging board and cartonboard, plus fluting and liner. 

The material is sold primarily to packaging manufacturers.  The size and requirements of customers vary, but they all demand high quality and expect materials and service solutions that add value.

Sales by product category

Sales by product category Percent
Liquid Packaging Board 53
Containerboard 29
Cartonboard 15
Other 3

Product area Board sells

  • Liquid packaging board is used primarily in packaging for beverages and other liquid foods.
  • Cartonboard is used for products in premium segments, where the packaging is often part of the brand’s image.
  • Containerboard fluting and liner where fluting is the wavy layer in corrugated board, which is used for fragile and heavy industrial products and in food packaging. Liner is used in cartonboard and is the outer, printable layer on corrugated board boxes.

Key facts

14 852 SEKm
Net sales
2 748 SEKm