Product areas

Our product areas are Board and Paper.

Board includes liquid packaging board, containerboard and cartonboard, which are mainly used to produce packaging for food, beverage, consumer products and fragile industrial products. All its customers demand high quality and expect materials and service solutions that add value.

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Paper includes graphic paper for print communication, kraft and speciality papers, mainly used for the packaging of dry foods, carrier bags, medical packaging, hygiene products and industrial applications, as well as sack paper, mainly used for packaging of building materials, industrial minerals, chemicals and food. Market Pulp is also included in the Paper product area.

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Net sales by product area 2022

Net sales split Per cent
Product area Paper 51
Product area Board 42
Solutions and Other 7

EBITDA split by product area 2022*

EBITDA split* Per cent
Product area Paper 62
Product area Board 38

*The Group’s EBITDA excluding EBITDA for Solutions & Other and for currency hedging etc