25 Apr 2018, 8:01 CET

Packaging Sustainability for Helpful Brands

Introducing the first deep dive into the BillerudKorsnäs Consumer Panel

Packaging Sustainability for Helpful Brands Packaging is a clear point of contact with the consumer, regardless of sales channel, and therefore a strategic tool for a brand that is helpful in people’s increasing ambition to become more sustainable-oriented in everyday actions and choices. Brand owners that clearly empowers consumers to act more sustainable are in high demand among global consumers.

In our Consumer Panel Report 2017, the highest index score of all was on the opportunity for brands to differentiate by packaging sustainability, giving clear benefits to the consumer to act more sustainable. Be it easier recycling, reducing food waste or a beneficiary second and third use of packaging.

Those benefits, if communicated, would be powerful to show that you are a helpful brand. The only long-term winners will be the brands and corporation that are perceived as really helpful. Because all consumer (and B2B customers) will feel sure that they are part of the solution – not the problem.

From the content

  • Helpful brands – a key to success Being helpful is a general, holistic approach to your business model, encompassing both why and how you do business. It is also about operating close to your customers: listening, interacting and innovating to make it easier for them to act in a sustainable way.
  • Helping the consumer be a hero About brand owners and the support, inspiration and innovation they can provide to make it easier for consumers to do right.
  • Packaging as a strategic tool Brand owners that are able to activate and engage consumers, to communicate the value and functionality of the packaging and to make consumers feel their behaviour has a positive impact, will be rewarded through preference and loyalty.
  • Packaging as a sustainability enabler Food waste is the highest priority for consumers when discussing the global challenges that packaging can help solve in the future.
  • Making recycling easy Making it easy and rewarding to recycle is number one on consumers’ list of dream results of future packaging innovation.
  • Going beyond the obvious Consumers are asking for true innovation – new ideas that change the role of packaging in their everyday lives.

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Watch Jon Haag, Director Consumer Insights at BillrudKorsnäs, share his insights about  the role design has in packaging sustainability, what cities are doing to become more sustainable, how packaging can be a part of the solution and about the millennium generation interests.

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