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Packaging is the hero in the battle against food waste

Why throw away food and be forced to buy more? To battle food waste, we need to change behaviors. The winning concept in Pack Challenge 16 is packaging that actually does just that – changes behavior.

Meet Vocobox – the cartonboard innovation that makes you want to bring your leftovers home from the restaurant.

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Food waste is a serious problem for our planet.

We constantly get more mouths to feed, putting a huge strain on Earth. Agriculture is among the greatest contributors to global warming, emitting more greenhouse gases than all our transport combined. At the same time, studies show that we throw away enough food to feed 3 billion people. We need a hero.

Vocobox – the winning packaging concept in Pack Challenge 16 – can be that hero.

Pack Challenge is an annual collaboration where BillerudKorsnäs asks the talented students of Berghs School of Communication to think outside the box. This year, the challenge was to create a packaging concept brand that clearly shows how packaging is the Hero, rather than just being garbage in the eyes of consumers.

Vocobox makes it natural and easy to bring home the food you don’t eat at a restaurant.

Through simple and ingenious design Vocobox becomes part of the table setting. Vocobox encourages sustainable behavior and gives the package a key role in reducing food waste. The winning team of Berghs students consisted of Axel Kalmaru, Hanna Bergström, Joel Wennström och Johanna Åkeson. 

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Food waste facts

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO, has assessed that one-third of all food produced in the world for human consumption never reached the consumer’s table. This constitutes an enormous waste of all the resources used for growing, processing, packaging, transporting and marketing food.

The 2012 market value of food products lost or wasted was USD 936 billion; that is in the range of the GDP of countries such as Indonesia or the Netherlands. In Europe and the US, around 30 percent of food produced is wasted, and more than 40 percent of that waste occurs in stores and in consumers’ homes

National Geographic – feeding 9 billion

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