Guest registration 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Packaging Impact Design Awards! We invite you to five exciting and exclusive events where you get the opportunity to meet the packaging design professionals of tomorrow, see innovative and creative packaging concepts.

Because the events are digital you can participate not only in your local PIDA event, but also be part of the whole PIDA journey.

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The PIDA Sweden digital event is May 17. (14-15:30 CET)
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The PIDA USA digital event is May 19. (15.30-17:00 CET)
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The PIDA UK digital event is June 7. (14-15:30 CET)
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The PIDA Germany/Austria digital event is June 8. (14-15:30 CET)
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The PIDA France/Belgium digital event is June 9. (14-15:30 CET)
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