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    Innovative skin care packaging wins the PIDA design competition

    The Billerud prestigious Packaging Impact Design Award competition PIDA has been completed at Luxe Pack Monaco. The winner of this year’s...

    Experience PIDA 2022 – It’s a Wild Life!

    Nature is full of beautiful and purposeful designs. At PIDA 2022, talented design students from seven countries enter the Packaging Impact Design...

    Who will be the international winner of PIDA 2022?

    The theme of the 2022 PIDA brief was “It’s a Wild Life”, encouraging contestants to find inspiration from nature. In the semi-finals, the Gold...

    Volcano-inspired packaging wins PIDA USA 2022

    Highly accomplished in design and execution, the packaging project “Lavash” won the Gold Award at PIDA USA. Behind the intriguing design was...

    Inspiring spice packaging is the international winner of PIDA 2021

    The overall winner in our prestigious design competition PIDA – Packaging Impact Design Award – has been chosen. This year the winner is the...

    Four PIDA winners make it to the Grand Finale in Monaco

    After this spring's thrilling semi-finals, four teams have qualified for the PIDA grand finale in Monaco. At the final in September an...

    See the PIDA Grand Finale 2021 – get the film!

    The international PIDA winner was elected at Luxe Pack Monaco on 27 September. The Grand Finale of our prestigious design competition is now...

    Watch the film to hear former PIDA contestants

    Awaken the senses! That’s the brief for PIDA 2021, the Packaging Impact Design Award that engages hundreds of design students every year. The...

    Future-proof ice cream packaging wins PIDA Germany

    Krystal Kream, a packaging solution for vegan ice cream wins the PIDA Gold Award. “Ground-breaking”, said the German jury, convinced that this is...

    Innovative spice set wins PIDA France

    PIDA Gold Award goes to RESPICE, a clever spice set. The jury said it is ”…the perfect balance between innovation, sustainability, conviviality...

    Complete tea experience wins PIDA Sweden

    Winner of the PIDA Gold Award: a packaging concept that speaks to all senses, a golden standard for unboxing. Also, check out who won the awards...

    Innovative skincare packaging concept wins PIDA USA/UK

    The Golden Bee Skincare packaging project won both the PIDA Gold Award and the distinction Highest Level of Innovation. The whole event is...

    Bois Underwear – Winner of the first PIDA Grand Finale

    For the first time in the history of the PIDA competition, an all-European winner has been selected. The PIDA Grand Finale was held at Luxe Pack...

    PIDA 2019 - Grand finale in Monaco

    For the first time in PIDA history, there will be a total European winner of the competition. Four finalists from Sweden, the UK, Germany and...

    PIDA 2019 – The students are the future

    The value that PIDA brings to the world is young, fresh eyes into an historically old profession" Gareth Fisher, Business Development Director...

    PIDA 2019 - Future of packaging

    "PIDA for me is a great chance to meet the students, the young generations coming."

    Highlights from PIDA Sweden 2019

    The first PIDA event in 2019 at Färgfabriken in Stockholm. Guest speakers from ICA and H&M among others. Oops, it’s in Swedish!

    PIDA 2019 – get inspired!

    The PIDA-competition is a plattform where students and brand owners can meet. Where students have an opportunity to show their creativity. Watch...

    Highlights from PIDA UK 2019

    The first PIDA event in UK ever! Leeds, Manchester was the location and Packaging Expert Sarah Greenwood was guest speaker.

    PIDA 2019 – a step in to the future of packaging

    What will a sustainable and exciting packaging concept look like in 2030? This year, the finalists will be presented at Luxe Pack Monaco, one of...

    PIDA France & Germany 2019

    The first combined French and German event was held in Reims, France. Great to see so many students and visitors. A lot of difference guest...

    Check out the Grand Finale in Monaco 2019

    For every year, the competition has a new theme. This year’s brief was "Bring the Future" and the students’ challenge was to develop a...

    Baroque theme won PIDA Germany

    The PIDA Germany event offered a full dozen exciting unboxing projects, engaging presentations and thought-provoking keynotes. The...

    Innovative unboxing solutions were awarded at PIDA France 2018

    PIDA France in its 2018 edition offered prize ceremonies, keynotes, mingling, and not least: smart and inspiring unboxing solutions. Very fiting...

    The winners and the trends from PIDA Sweden and the UK

    The winners and the trends from PIDA Sweden and the UK At this year's PIDA event in Stockholm, creative design students treated us to exciting...

    "The key is the ability to understand the brand, its DNA and its objectives."

    Vincent Villeger, keynote speaker at PIDA 2018, is a specialist in the field of luxury packaging. As a creative director, his previous work...