• 2021

Tasteful, playful packaging concept won Billerud’s design competition PIDA Sweden

The winners of BillerudKorsnäs’ design competition PIDA Sweden – Packaging Impact Design Award – have been selected. The finest prize of the the competition, PIDA Gold Award, went to design students Jenny Noshi, Anna Carlén, Moa Tillbom and Martin Lilius from Nackademin. Their winning packaging project “Lost in Senses” is designed for a tea set and a whole tea experience.

The packaging concept "Lost in Senses" won the competition's finest prize - PIDA Gold Award.

It feels amazing to win PIDA Gold Award. Our design is colourful and detailed with both matt and glossy prinst, see-through panels, pop-ups and interactive panels which attract the eye. In a way the packaging is the product. We have seen that this was an unexplored area on the market – and we found a hole to fill” says team "Lost in senses".

The winning packaging project responds perfectly to this year’s brief – to create a package that speaks to our senses. The motivation of the jury reads:

With constant smiles during the journey of unboxing, this is truly golden standard. Awakening the senses with layers and playfulness. When products are used, the package remains to be used again and again. This visual party makes us want to go travelling without moving.

The design students who won the PIDA Gold Award at the Swedish PIDA event automatically qualify for the Grand Finale. At the final – that takes place at the Luxe Pack trade show in Monaco on September 27 – an international winner will be appointed. It means that the Swedish design students will be up against the winners of the three other semi-finals; students from USA/UK, France, and Germany.

More students awarded

At the event, another three prizes were presented. An entry called “Norgård” received the “Highest Level of Innovation Award”. The team behind Norgård, a concept for organic skincare, was Elin Andersson, Emelie Franck, and Michaela Nylén Hansson from Brobygrafiska. The jury’s motivation read:

Tactile from the outside surface to the fixing of the product. Executed in a recognizable format, easy to understand, it surprises us with a well thought movement which comes alive when unboxing. With two to choose from, one becomes invisible, the other invincible.

This year's "Highest Level of Innovation Award" went to "Norgård".

The “Highest Level of User Friendliness Award” went to the entry “Wild”, created by Elias Wall, Sonia Hint Kindgren, and Samuel Olsson from Brobygrafiska. It is a gift carton for wine, and the jury said:

There is never any hesitation on how to open this one. But what happens next leaves us with a lasting impression. Let’s open and close it again and again and again. We’d say this is fit for a party, red wine anyone? Or perhaps Champagne?

The contribution "Wild" won the "Highest Level of User Friendliness Award".

The “Highest Level of Sustainability Award” was presented to Alwin Lindquist, Ella Wiles, and Jennie Bergström from Mittuniversitetet for the entry “Deobar”, a packaging solution for deodorant sticks. The jury’s motivation read:

A display of minimalism and simplicity, this concept really challenges the non-sustainable packages of today. A conscious design leaves no excess and no excuses not to pursue this further. Simply put.”

"Deobar" won this year's "Highest Level of Sustainability Award".


A creative arena for the packaging community

BillerudKorsnäs, the company behind PIDA, arranges the competition in cooperation with leading universities and design colleges in the USA, the UK, France, Germany, and Sweden. The competition gives the students an opportunity to work on a real packaging design project under the same conditions as an authentic assignment. What’s more, it is also a chance for the students to showcase their ideas and creativity to established professionals who attend the events every year to be inspired and meet the packaging designers of tomorrow.

With PIDA, we want to drive the development of packaging design forward while also establishing a meeting place for the industry and the schools. This year marks the 16th anniversary of the competition and interest for PIDA grows steadily for every year – at the schools as well as in the packaging business. It is especially exciting to have invited American students to PIDA for the first time,” says Anders Gathu, Marketing Manager BillerudKorsnäs.

For more information about PIDA, please contact:

Anders Gathu, Marketing Manager, BillerudKorsnäs Telephone: +46722433661
Email: anders.gathu@billerud.com

Lena Dahlberg, Manager Application Development Paperboard, BillerudKorsnäs Telephone: +4658137438
Email: lena.dahlberg@billerud.com

Packaging Impact Design Award

is an international competition arranged by Billerud together with leading design colleges. For many people in the packaging business PIDA is a big inspiration and for us who arrange the competition this is an important initiative to challenge conventional packaging design. Everything is in place for PIDA 2022.