• 2019

Save the bees

Pida France Germany


Daniela Betz
Sophia Huber

Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart

The Jury's motivation:
2030 is tomorrow! I realized that it takes almost 10 years between the emergence of a great idea and their concretization on the markets. What would like major brands in 10 years from now? Rethinking their packaging to make them more user-friendly, more sustainable and always more attractive. A recent study from L.E.K. Consultant (Boston) on the needs in packaging of 250 brand-owners, 57% of them want to develop more easy-opening packaging, and 85% of them want easier recycling of materials. And finally, 90% declare the packaging is key to their commercial success. If I was the owner of this project, I would definitely be confident because this packaging is matching all the criteria.

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