• 2018

Klimpfjäll chokladtoppar

Pida Sweden


Linnea Danielsson
Sofie Gustafsson
Mirja Dahlgren


The jury: A great unboxing experience – it keeps the user’s focus from the start, throughout the opening process, until the very end.

Its great construction – with all pieces uniquely mountain (fjälltoppsJ) shaped and, also surprisingly, every other mountain top opens in the opposite direction, not to lose the user’s attention. Still, the content is delicately shared with a small text on top of the chocolate tip without giving away too much of the content inside.

Extra scores for the clever, embossed wooden age-ring pattern – which gives a respectful nod to the cartonboard material, and at the same time retains the character of snow on a mountain top.

Overall in its full body, appealing looks and high-scoring gift quality – but also opened and used as a table decoration – it gives an extra sparkle to the after-dinner experience.

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