Technically innovative drone packaging won PIDA France

The French edition of PIDA – Packaging Impact Design Award – is finalized. Entering the competition with a technically clever packaging concept for a drone, three creative students from IUT de Reims won the finest prize: Winner All Categories.

The PIDA France 2016 event was held in Reims, France on 7 June. Yoline Gallois, Justine Morval and Angelique Sanson received the most coveted award of the competition. Their packaging project MOV’UP became Winner All Categories. The design, conceived for a drone, featured a solar panel, GPS and a QR code. The project was perfectly aligned with this year’s assignment Electronic Connection, which was all about creating technically innovative packaging solutions.

– I am very happy to have won the PIDA competition with my team. We all thought it was great fun to explore the drone – a product that perhaps is a little less classic and less expected. We wanted our packaging to offer a multitude of possibilities, but also to be practical and ergonomic, says Yoline Gallois.

The jury’s motivation:

Each component of the study was finalized: a clear packaging, with technical functions to optimize the use of mini-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – UAV (solar panel for battery charging, GPS automatic UAV returns). It has a simple but effective visual look, highlighting the qualities of BillerudKorsnäs cartonboard. Innovation, both attractive and useful, was required as evidence just waiting to be realized.

BillerudKorsnäs arranges PIDA yearly to challenge conventional packaging and drive the development of packaging design. This way, the competition is an initiative that makes a difference for the future of the packaging industry. ­ – With PIDA, we want to spur creativity and stimulate interest in the future of packaging design. We also want to highlight new, young talents and bring them together with industry operators. The competition is thus an important investment in the development of the industry, says Christophe Delrive, Business Development Director EUM Cartonboard, BillerudKorsnäs.

The design competition PIDA has been arranged annually since 2005 in cooperation with leading colleges in France, Germany and Sweden. Every year, some 200 students participate. The French part of the competition had 61 contestants this year. Besides Winner All Categories, three more awards were presented. They were:

“Best Level of Shelf Impact” was won by Martin Pulby, Axelle Paul and Margaux Morieul from IUT de Reims. Their entry, AMPTON, is designed for a media player and works as a docking station.

“Best Level of Innovation” went to Mathilde Robert, Cloé Desdoigts and Estelle Hebrard from ESEPAC. Their packaging, MEC SUPPORT HEURE, designed for a connected support watch, includes a QR code and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

“Special Prize” was awarded to Caroline Bernard, Marion Cullie, Margot Renaudin and Caroline Boin from ESIReims for Les Éclaireuses – a package using an electrical ink to help people locate their lost glasses.