Space ship won the PIDA design competition

Nathanael Jetter, Sascha Hermann, Martin Wunner and Viktor Hahnemann won the German edition of PIDA, Packaging Impact Design Award, which was held in Stuttgart on 10 November. With their innovative design and smart solutions, they scooped the competition's finest award, “Winner All Categories”.

– It feels awesome to win PIDA’s finest award, “Winner All Categories”. We spent a lot of time on our entry Z5 and really combined different, new technologies and developments into one packaging, says Nathanael Jetter.

The winners, who are students at HdM Stuttgart, competed with a packaging that was designed for a mini-computer. By providing a keyboard and a screen for communication, it functions as a platform for using and programming the computer. Due to the eye-catching space ship design, the package also had a high level of shelf impact.

The winning concept solved this year’s task of creating a smart and technically innovative packaging solution of the assignment Electronic Connection. Jörg Storneke, Business Development Director, BillerudKorsnäs, was on the jury and gave a summary of the jury’s motivation:

“This year, it was a very, very clear win. The team really followed this year’s brief Electronic Connection. Step by step. To 100%. Also, it was a very good and sophisticated design. Very good thinking behind it. And an excellent marketing concept. In short, ­developments into one packaging, says of time on our conue in the buisness uld be chargerd throug Z5 deserved to win the finest prize Winner All Categories!”

With the PIDA initiative, BillerudKorsnäs wants to challenge conventional packaging and highlight new, young talents and bring them together with industry operators. The competition is thus an important investment in the development of the industry.

In addition to the “Winner All Categories” award, the jury also presented four additional awards in the following categories:

“Best Level of User Friendliness” went to Nadine Oßwald, Sonja Herr, Martina Mutter, Sophia Huber and Patricia Bächle from HdM Stuttgart for their contribution SolarSound. Their package was made for a portable and wireless Bluetooth speaker, which could be charged by solar cells, integrated in the packaging.

“Best Level of Innovation” was won by Tugba Altun, Daniel Breiler and Aslan Mese from Beuth Berlin with their entry Brilliantsounds. A diamond-shaped packaging concept made for earphones with different parts connected to an app for making music on an iPad.

“Best Level of Shelf Impact” was won by Leon Spessert, Patryck Kannmann, Michael Triebswetter and Sofia Thurmaier from Hochschule München. Their contribution Project Laut was a design for a mobile phone and the package featured an integrated, extendable sound amplifier.

“Special Prize” and “People’s Choice Award” went to Alexander Kremb, Patricia Kiefer, Rebecca Doppler and Fabienne Ebertz from HdM Stuttgart. Their entry Intelliplant made an innovative connection between packaging and product. Using the latest technologies, their packaging guaranteed successful growth of an indoor plant. For example, the consumer is alerted automatically by an app about the needs of his plant (moisture, pH value etc.).