• 2022


PIDA Germany/Austria

WINNER PIDA Grand Finale Monaco 2022, PIDA Gold Award and Highest level of User-friendliness (PIDA Germany/Austria)


Lisa Frey
Annika Wahler
Tabea Kasparian


Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart


PIDA Grand Finale Monaco 2022

Motivation of the jury: This year’s winner is a concept that really marries the two worlds of packaging and wild life. Interesting and discrete this seemingly normal package does not reveal its surprise until interacted with. The interpretation of the flower’s mechanism is stunningly similar to the real deal and carefully designed using the flexibility within the material. The international jury voted with a clear majority for this year’s winner, congratulations to the PIDA 2022 grand finale winner…


PIDA Germany/Austria Gold Award

Motivation of the jury: This concept has fulfilled the brief in a perfect way. The inspiration from the snap dragon flower transported into a packaging opening mechanism which works surprisingly in the same way, convinced the jury completely.


PIDA Germany/Austria Highest level of User-friendliness

Motivation of the jury: The reduced graphical design from outside and a more colorful backside print fits pretty good to the product. The opening function and handling fulfills, in a perfect way, the user's expectations.




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