Transport packaging

As high costs for packaging logistics continues to impact profit margins, there are changes you can make to your transport packaging that can be implemented quickly and save you money.

Designed to cover a wide variety of product categories – from socks to sweaters and jackets to jeans, a turnkey suite of transport cartons can improve performance and lower your packaging costs. With more than 25 years of developing transport packaging for some of the world’s largest brands, we’ve engineered the right combination of board specifications and carton dimensions to maximize pallet and container utilization. Your products will be packed, stacked, and flow smoothly through your international supply chain.

Are High Apparel Freight Transport Costs Hurting Your Bottom Line

While businesses and governments seek to mitigate the root causes of record high freight increases, brands are challenged to develop cost saving measures that can help offset increased freight rates. Improving packaging efficiencies for Southeast Asia (SEA) sourced apparel can help brands reduce overall freight costs.

How Carton Suite Optimisation Provides Cost Savings

Carton suite optimisation allows Southeast Asia (SEA) product factories to customize packaging systems that both increase efficiency and position SEA OEMs to adapt to frequently changing manufacturing and distribution requirements.

How Reusing Cartons in the DC increases profitability

Apparel brands can achieve substantial cost savings by reusing cartons in their distribution centers (DCs). Carton reuse requires careful planning and necessitates the need to develop rigorous specifications for package design. Carton reuse has the additional benefit of helping brands achieve sustainability goals.

Do You Need Better Apparel Transport Packaging

Efficient management of distribution centers (DCs) helps apparel brands reduce inventory costs and distribution costs. Distribution center efficiencies can be achieved through a combination of methods including process improvements, automation, and optimised packaging. In this article, we will focus on packaging optimisation in the apparel industry and how that can have a positive impact on DCs.   

Perforated Transport Cartons Provide Greater DC Efficiency

Perforated transport cartons improve DC efficiency by improving workers’ access to inventory for pick and pack order fulfillment. Additional benefits of perforated cartons include minimizing product damage and avoiding injury to DC personnel.

Transit Testing Can Save You from Product Damage and High Return Rates

Packages endure multiple sources of stress during shipment. Designing packaging that can withstand the unintentional stress that will occur, despite the best intentions of handlers, throughout the supply chain is a challenging task. Experienced supply chain practitioners understand the types of damage that may occur to a package and the root causes of this damage.

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