Sustainable packaging

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Sustainability is a growing priority for brands and their customers. Sustainable packaging can help you achieve your corporate sustainability goals.


Solutions include:

  • Reducing material use
  • Minimising waste
  • CO2 and water usage analysis
  • Decreasing plastics
  • Lowering packaging spend
  • Increasing freight density
  • Packaging reuse

Packaging that benefits the environment and the bottom line

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In the packaging world, evolving corporate goals and consumer demands mean sustainability is shifting from a nice-to-have to a must-have for brands.

In fact, an increasing share of consumers, 77% in 2022, up from 74% in 2021, say they are willing to pay 10% more for sustainable packaging.

Brands may be concerned about the cost impact of higher-quality materials, but our report, Designing a Sustainable Packaging Program, showcases how the trend can be a win-win for your business as well as the environment.

Our report, available for free by filling out the form at the right, highlights how an expert approach to sustainable packaging implementation can:

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Sustainable material selection

Position your company as a sustainability leader with packaging that eliminates or reduces the use of plastics. We offer expert material selection, including virgin fiber and recycled materials.

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Sustainable materials, better bottom line

How did HP cut costs without cutting corners? By turning to an environmentally conscious packaging solution from Billerud.

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