Design as a Service

Design as a Service (DaaS) gives you access to a global team of packaging designers with the technical skills and material knowledge necessary to both protect your products and delight your customers.

The end result is a design that is right for your product, your supply chain, your customer and your budget.




  • Reduce freight costs
  • Increase space utilization in supply chain
  • Decrease high product failure rates due to poor quality packaging
  • Improve pack-out times
  • Create a better customer/out of box experience


  • Lacking internal packaging designers
  • Internal team over-capacity
  • Need to explore new ideas and have access to more innovative solutions
  • Have urgent need to add capacity to meet a tight deadline


  • Use materials that have a higher recyclability
  • Create volume efficiency designing with less
  • Use responsible fiber sourcing (FSC)
  • Eliminate or reduce unfavorable packaging materials
  • Improve CO2 footprint

Packaging Design Process

Making a box can be relatively simple. However, creating a package design that protects your product, grabs the attention of your customer, leaves them with a great brand experience and fits within your budget involves:



We begin our work with you to figure out what we need to do to find a suitable solution to achieve your goals. We will get aligned by listening and asking questions to gain a mutual understanding to create a project brief which will include a statement of work, cost estimate and the estimated timing to get you the optimal packaging solution.



We will develop a concept and walk you through the proposed solution. Based on that, we will provide you with a physical mockup to review and provide any final feedback. Once finalized we will proceed to test the concept.


We will perform validation testing to verify the packaging solution we designed for your product will meet industry standard safety and performance objectives. If there are adjustments to be made, we will modify to ensure that your product is in a package that protects and delivers your product safely to the customer.


Finally, once we have qualified the package design we will provide you with production ready CAD files, proposed material specifications, a container load plan report, test report summary with photos and package assembly instructions. With these, you will be able to give your packaging supplier the necessary elements to produce the desired packaging solution.


Talk to a Specialist

If you would like to learn more about whether Design as a Service could benefit your organization, please contact Justin Jaeger or Ryan Gaither.

Justin Jaeger

Business Development Manager

+1 503 819 8904

Ryan Gaither

Global Packaging Specialist

+1 503 720 8468

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