Packaging Design

Custom Packaging Design

Flexible and scalable packaging solutions customized for your unique products and supply chain.

If you need support for a new product package design, an expanding product line, lack internal packaging resources or your internal packaging team is overstretched, Packaging Design as a Service is our efficient and cost-effective custom product packaging design solution.

Designed to:

  • Improve unboxing experience - build brand enthusiasm, and reduce frustration
  • Reduce costs – lower freight costs and material usage
  • Improve product protection - reduce product damage
  • Improve sustainability - reduce the usage of plastics and foam
  • Maximise space utilization – pallets, containers, DC
  • Improve labor costs – fast assembly, improved packout, pick and pack

Certified packaging designers that span three continents work seamlessly to draw from a wealth of experience in different types of supply chain environments, product categories, and packaging materials.  We will create a product package design that is designed for manufacturability and performance to support a customer’s ultimate brand experience.

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Are you looking to implement a more sustainable packaging design program that can produce net savings? It’s achievable with the help of an expert packaging designer. Read our guide, Optimizing Packaging Design in a Global Economy, to learn more!

The guide explores how right-sizing, right-weighting, and other strategies can reduce freight costs and other expenses, producing overall savings while increasing sustainability.

Take the next step towards optimizing your packaging design, benefitting your bottom line and the planet.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Packaging Design as a Service


Our comprehensive packaging design as a service can benefit mid to large-size brands that manufacture products across multiple countries and regions in Southeast Asia.


Whether you have already identified packaging challenges, or you need some assistance to identify areas for improvement, we collaborate with you for a customized solution.


Solutions begin with a deep dive into your product packaging design and how it performs in the supply chain. From there, a business proposal is developed that outlines areas for enhanced performance, packaging design improvements, and estimated savings. Once the business proposal is approved, we fully develop the solution which can include: pilot production, validation testing, final structure design, and material selections. After the final approval of the design and materials, the best packaging design is introduced to the factory along with the sourcing strategy and implementation plan.


Value of an Expert Packaging Designer

  • Optimised packaging strategy for efficiency throughout the supply chain
  • Transparency into packaging expenses for a better understanding of investment
  • CSR Compliance program for supplier network reduces the risk for your brand and improves quality, consistency, and delivery of packaging
  • Strategic sourcing plan to address supply chain disruptions
  • Product Factories are not specialists in packaging and are not as concerned about packaging performance, we focus on packaging to ensure a Western approach to package design solutions that are executed in Asia
  • Prepress and Color Management Specialists

Want to learn more about our packaging design services? Please contact us to schedule a time to talk about your needs.

Ryan Gaither

Global Packaging Specialist - US

+1 503 720 8468

Adam Sarama

International Sales Manager - Europe

+34 680 384678


Packaging design is critical to the success of your brand - it represents you and protects your brand promise - customer satisfaction. We can be the pro on your team, providing you with an optimised solution through data driven insights, technical expertise and creative know how.

Material and Transit Testing

Our structural design team has a multitude of testing tools to validate packaging performance in a variety of supply chain scenarios.

  • Zwick Test equipment​
  • BCT, Fmax ~2000kg, platens 1000 x 1000 mm (ISO 12048, TAPPI 804)​
  • ECT (ISO 3037, TAPPI 811)​
  • 4-pt Bending Stiffness (ISO 5628, TAPPI 820)​
  • Ink Rub (TAPPI 830)​
  • Ink Color (ISO 5631)​
  • Lansmont Vibration Table ​
  • Lansmont Drop Tester​
  • Transportation Testing ISTA 1A, 1C, 1G, 2A, 3A, 7D ​
  • Weight constrains for Vibration Testing (100 lbs.) & Drop Testing (150 lbs.)​
  • Parameter Conditioning Chamber​
  • Optional temp and RH% in conditioning chamber (Standard Climate 23°C - 50°C ; till 90 RH)​
  • Kongsberg XL24 Sample maker​
  • Corrugated, Folding carton & Plastic​
  • 2 Large Format Epson Printers ​
  • Seal 65 EL Laminator


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