Packaging challenges overcome

Improvements in your packaging can lead to significant savings for your business. Whether your goals are to reduce product damage, decrease freight costs or improve sustainability, we can customise a packaging solution that aligns with your company’s goals.


Hewlett-Packard achieves annual air freight savings

"Working with Billerud has enabled us to offer a notebook box that weighs less, reduces our global carbon footprint and lowers costs, while protecting our products during shipment. This partnership supports our efforts to develop products, as well as the packaging used to ship them, that are more sustainable for our company and our customers.”

- Erik Troelsen, HP’s director of packaging design and procurement


Hewlett-Packard’s manufacturing operations in China produce nearly 40 million notebooks every year. However, their locally-sourced packaging was costly, and restrictions on imported recycled fibers and paper mill closures caused costs to soar.

The information technology company was also looking to update their paper-based product packaging as part of their Sustainable Impact strategy and shift to packaging derived from recycled and certified sources by 2020.


We identified ways to optimise their box design and transform their purchasing process for paper and boxes. HP opted to keep their existing corrugated box material outside liner, but replace their inside liner and fluting with responsibly sourced, lightweight Billerud virgin fiber.


  • 29% reduction in material use
  • Reduced the weight of each shipping box by 62 grams, for an overall 35% reduction in box weight

We reduced HP’s CO2 emissions by nearly 5,000 metric tons, which is equivalent to taking more than 1,000 cars off the road. 


Optimised Traeger Grills packaging offers improved customer experience

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The challenge

Traeger Grills approached Billerud to redesign their Pro Series packaging. They wanted leaner, sustainable and Amazon compliant packaging that reduced their damage rate and enhanced the customer experience.


We optimised the design and materials of their packaging to make it simpler and more efficient for packout in the factory, and to ensure that it properly protected the product during transport.



  • Eliminated all EPS foam
  • Reduced inner box by 45%
  • Improved customer experience
  • Passed ISTA 1A, 3A, 3B and 6A testing

“Traeger has been able to leverage Billerud’s design expertise [and] experience to supplement our constrained resources as it relates to packaging engineering, which has proven very valuable in improving product design and overall product quality.”

-Trevor Remetta, Traeger’s director of global sourcing

We removed 156,000 lbs (70,000 kg) of EPS foam from Traeger’s packaging, which is approximately one American football field that extends 6 ft (1.8 m) high.


Major outdoor grill brand's value and store presence more than doubles

“Billerud has become an integral part of our team, working together on packaging designs that highlight our products while assuring that our high standards of excellence in packaging is achieved and maintained across our product line.”

A major outdoor grill and accessories manufacturer's packaging portfolio was spread among several OEMs, which resulted in issues with brand design consistency, and printing and material specifications. Poor quality PDQs and scuffing issues were also a concern, as was their high carbon emissions due to PE and PET plastics in their packaging.


We designed uniform, appealing plastic-free packaging made from renewable, recyclable and biodegradable corrugated materials. And we defined and implemented consistent material and design specifications across multiple product categories, regions and OEM’s to ensure brand integrity.


  • Consolidated materials, colour standards, printing and logistics from 14 to 1 point of contact
  • Removed 103,600 lbs (47,000 kg) of PET plastics from packaging life cycle (per year)
  • Established consistency across nine different packaging types, including retail, PDQs, master shipping cartons and floor displays
  • Doubled brand value and store presence in big box stores
  • Reduced package defect rate to .02%

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