Strategic Packaging Procurement in Southeast Asia

How Better Sourcing = More Savings In Packaging Procurement

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Procurement and supply chain teams face daunting challenges in the wake of COVID-19. With operations slowed and supply chains disrupted, organisations are struggling to keep deliveries flowing smoothly without incurring high costs. 

That is why we put together this ebook, to help procurement and supply chain professionals think more strategically about how packaging is sourced (and even specified) in order to deliver significant operational savings at a time when organisations are looking for ways to be more efficient, resilient, and profitable.


This ebook provides information on ways procurement and packaging experts can transform vulnerable, high-risk packaging supply chains. Download now to discover how to optimise packaging supply chain networks, rapidly cut costs, and accelerate your organisation’s journey to agile packaging supply partnerships and infrastructure in Southeast Asia.

As an added bonus, this ebook includes a 72-point Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire to help you analyse your suppliers’ capability to meet your standards across important criteria such as quality and management systems, production and services, responsible business practices, health and safety, hygiene, and the environment.

Discover the impact packaging really has on your organisation’s bottom line and how your department can help drive costs down by adopting a more strategic framework for packaging-related procurement decisions. Download your free copy now to learn how to mitigate packaging supply chain risks, optimise your packaging supply chain network, and ensure access to key packaging materials in Southeast Asia.

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How to Think About the True Cost of Packaging

Includes examples of how strategic packaging design and procurement has helped global brands save millions of dollars

How to Identify Regional Packaging Suppliers

Includes a list of packaging trade shows and regional packaging organisations in Southeast Asia

How to Qualify Packaging Suppliers in Southeast Asia

Includes a 72-point packaging supplier questionnaire that we use ourselves to qualify packaging suppliers

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