Protecting the Toy Box

Unexpected Reasons to Preserve Toy Packaging

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The toy industry faces unique challenges when it comes to packaging. Unlike other retail goods, children’s toy packaging is often just as important as the product itself. Packaging needs to be eye-catching enough to grab the attention of children and parents, and sturdy enough to avoid damage during transit. For many collectibles, the condition of the packaging is a crucial part of determining the toy’s value. 

With the unprecedented demand for toys, especially in the ecommerce space, it is more important than ever for toy manufacturers to implement high-quality packaging that protects the product without sacrificing customer satisfaction. 

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Trends in the Toy Industry

Learn about the trends affecting the toy industry, including the growth of ecommerce, the rising popularity of unboxing videos and the push towards sustainability.

Toy Packaging Design Considerations

Toy packaging needs to be designed in a way that appeals to retailers, children, parents and collectors. Packaging design can also be used to convey your brand message.

How to Optimise Toy Packaging

Packaging optimisations can be made to reduce damage and returns, improve sustainability and provide a better customer experience. Discover the value behind these packaging solutions.

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