Packaging Lessons From Small Appliance Supply Chains

Learn how packaging optimizations can increase efficiencies for small appliance manufacturers.


The small appliance industry is characterised by complex supply chains and unique packaging concerns. Finding effective packaging solutions for countertop appliances can be a challenge—especially if brands are trying to improve their sustainability performance.

What are the key takeaways from small appliance packaging?

Small appliance companies need to find creative ways to implement sustainable packaging for products manufactured overseas.

This eBook provides a deep dive into packaging for small kitchen appliances, discussing:

  • Supply and demand affecting the home appliance industry
  • Packaging design considerations for small countertop appliances
  • Packaging optimisations that can reduce freight costs, prevent damage and eliminate excess materials

Many of the packaging challenges experienced by small appliance companies are shared by other industries operating international supply chains. Read the eBook today to learn how your organisation could benefit from similar packaging optimisations.

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