Packaging for Outdoor Recreation Companies: Conveying Eco-Friendly Values

Discover why sustainable packaging matters for companies in the outdoor industry.

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In recent years, consumers have become increasingly concerned with the sustainability of the products they are buying. This is especially true of outdoor gear consumers, who tend to be mindful of their environmental footprint.

By implementing sustainable packaging solutions—and communicating these packaging choices to consumers—outdoor recreation brands can convey environmentally-friendly values to their target audience. In turn, this may strengthen brand loyalty and lead to increased profits.

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Environmental Challenges for Outdoor Brands

Eliminating packaging waste and reducing carbon emissions can be a challenge for outdoor recreation brands who have limited control over their packaging suppliers.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions for Outdoor Gear

What does eco-friendly packaging for outdoor gear look like? In many cases, it comes down to working with sustainable partners, using easy-to-recycle materials and increasing container density.

How to Leverage Environmentally-Friendly Packaging

Communicating your eco-packaging packaging to your customers is a key aspect of conveying your brand values. Learn how outdoor recreation companies can market their sustainable packaging choices.

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