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Each year brings new challenges and opportunities for packaging professionals, and 2020 is certainly no exception. In the wake of COVID-19, with supply chains disrupted and consumer spending transformed, organisations are looking for innovative and creative solutions to succeed in uncertain times.

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As organisations look for ways to minimise costs, increase consumer loyalty and gain an edge on competitors, a surprising solution may be found in better packaging design. One way engineers and designers can improve packaging is by using an approach called design to X, in which the X-factor is anything consumers demand or value that has an impact on packaging design.

This eBook will illustrate the latest global packaging trends, including premiumisation, changing attitudes on sustainability and the decline of single-use plastics, to help you determine which X-factor may have the biggest impact on packaging design and engineering as we head into the new year.

To discover packaging opportunities that can net significant results for your organisation, download your free copy of Key Packaging Trends 2020.

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Benefits of right-sized packaging are improved customer experience, reduced material use, and packaging that is optimised for transportation and warehouses. Find out more about how you can right-size and save on packaging costs.

Sustainable packaging data

Around the world, shifting public opinion on sustainability is informing packaging preferences. Get the latest data on sustainability as an international priority, and how it impacts the packaging world.

Luxury and premium packaging

Packaging premiumisation makes any product more valuable and desirable in the eyes of the end user. Find out why the growth of luxury packaging is disrupting the packaging world.

At Billerud, we identify opportunities to achieve measurable results for our customers. With this eBook, we illustrate packaging improvement opportunities that can drive real growth as well. Download your free copy of Key Packaging Trends 2020 and find out what the future looks like for the packaging industry.

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