Key Packaging Trends 2019

Is Your Packaging of Today Prepared for the Needs and Demands of Tomorrow?

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Every year brings new challenges and opportunities for packaging professionals. Whether you’re involved in packaging design, engineering or procurement, it’s important to know which trends are having an impact on the industry so you can better forecast the changes that may be coming to your own line of packaging solutions—or the changes that you will need to implement yourself if you want to gain a competitive edge through better packaging.


To discover packaging opportunities that can net significant results for your global brand, download your free copy of Key Packaging Trends. In it, we examine some of the key trends affecting packaging decisions worldwide—specifically in the areas of sustainability, e-commerce and purposeful packaging.

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72% of global consumers are willing to pay more for a product that is packaged in a sustainable way.


58% of American consumers say that their relationship with an e-retailer would be impacted if they received a damaged product.

Purposeful Packaging

When asked what they would like to see most from packaging, 35% of global consumers said, “give me a beneficial second use of packaging.

At Billerud, we look for every opportunity to achieve measurable results for our customers. With this eBook, we hope you will discover packaging improvement opportunities that can drive significant results as well. Download your copy of Key Packaging Trends and take the first step toward better packaging.

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