How Packaging Contributes to a More Sustainable Future

Learn how sustainable packaging can have a positive effect on your business and the planet.

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Sustainability is a top priority for businesses, consumers and legislators alike. Since supply chain operations are a significant contributor to global waste and CO2 emissions, moving towards sustainable packaging can play a big role in securing a healthier global environment.

With the right material choices and a customised packaging program, organisations can improve their sustainability performance without impeding business growth. Our new eBook, “How Packaging Contributes to a More Sustainable Future,” explores how packaging sustainability affects companies’ carbon footprint, and provides tips on how to implement environmentally-friendly packaging solutions.

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Sustainability factors driving change

With growing awareness of environmental emergencies, sustainability has become a global priority. Discover some of the primary driving forces behind sustainable business practices—including environmental advantages, consumer demand and corporate social responsibility.

The role of sustainable packaging materials

The materials used in a company’s packaging can have a significant effect on the overall sustainability of a supply chain. Learn about the recyclability of different materials, and whether using recycled materials is always the most sustainable choice.

The future of sustainable packaging

The evolution of high-quality, environmentally-friendly packaging materials has made it easier for companies to implement sustainable packaging. Read about some of the trends impacting sustainable packaging, including advancements in printing techniques and alternatives to single-use plastic.

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