How to Make a Business Case for Eco-Friendly Packaging

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It is estimated that 2.01 metric tons of global waste are produced annually, The World Bank reports. By 2050, this number is expected to grow to 3.40 billion metric tons. Packaging materials significantly contribute to this colossal waste.

This eBook explores packaging waste generated globally, eco-friendly packaging, the circular economy, demand for sustainable packaging and why eco-friendly packaging doubles as a business solution. It explains the environmental need for and business benefits of eco-friendly packaging.

Organisations can curb packaging waste by adopting eco-friendly packaging that optimises material use. By using packaging made from sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials, organisations are able to respond to environmental concerns and reduce costs at the same time.

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Read about the value of eco-friendly packaging

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Waste reduction

Eco-friendly packaging reduces the use of non-biodegradable materials (such as foam and poly bags) and decreases packaging’s carbon footprint—helping reduce waste internationally.

Eco-conscious brand value

Customers want to support brands that care about the environment. By switching to eco-friendly packaging, organisations can improve their brand’s image among eco-conscious consumers and partners.

Cost savings

Sustainable packaging solutions can benefit your bottom line by reducing excess materials and addressing supply chain inefficiencies, thereby increasing shipping and freight savings.

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