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How can sustainable packaging benefit your organisation? By switching to eco-friendly packaging, brands can reduce freight costs, eliminate excess materials and lower their carbon footprint.

How could this resource bundle help your organisation?

By downloading this bundle, you’ll gain access to a collection of resources focused on designing and implementing sustainable packaging solutions. Learn more about how the right packaging design could help you:

  • Reduce carbon footprint 
  • Lower freight costs  
  • Minimise packaging waste 
  • Eliminate plastics and difficult-to-recycle materials
  • Improve supply chain efficiency 
  • Promote packaging reuse 

What resources are included in this bundle?

This free bundle provides you with access to eBooks, case studies and other resources from Billerud that explore the value of sustainable packaging.


Designing a Sustainable Packaging Program

Wondering where to start when it comes to improving your packaging operations? This eBook describes the factors and variables that go into creating a sustainable packaging program.


How to Make a Business Case For Eco-Friendly Packaging eBook

This eBook discusses the cost-saving potential of eco-friendly packaging as a business solution and provides tips for convincing management to embrace sustainable packaging.


How Packaging Contributes to a More Sustainable Future eBook

Sustainability has become a top priority for businesses. Learn how sustainable packaging can have a positive effect on your business and the planet.


How HP Saved Millions Through Sustainable Packaging Case Study

This case study explores how HP saved $3-5 million in annual airfreight costs when they turned to an environmentally conscious packaging solution from Billerud.


Wilson’s Plastic-Free Tennis Ball Packaging Case Study

See how brands can step up the performance of their products with sustainability in mind by reading about Wilson Sporting Goods’ innovative and eco-friendly packaging design for their Triniti tennis ball.

Download the resource bundle today to discover how sustainable packaging can help your organisation reach its environmental and operational goals.

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