The right ingredients will do wonders

A new packaging design can make a huge difference for brand awareness, sales and the environment. Billerud collaborated with a manufacturer of outdoor grilling products to develop and implement a new packaging solution from renewable, fiber based material.

A new, uniform packaging design boosts sales and cuts emissions

Are your transport and product packaging solutions working together to be as efficient as possible? Our solutions are customized for your unique packaging supply chain and are designed to lower your total cost, reduce packaging damage during transport and create the impact your brand requires. The use of world-leading corrugated materials ensures you get strong and attractive transport and retail packaging.


The company had a large and geographically diverse manufacturing base in China. Previously, its accessories and spare parts packaging were inconsistent in quality without clear printing and material specifications. In addition, the packaging portfolio was made of PE and PET plastics with high carbon emissions throughout the packaging’s lifecycle. The client wanted to improve the brand’s retail impact and lower the product line’s environmental footprint.


Billerud was tasked with designing a completely new accessories and spare parts packaging portfolio. We replaced PET and PE plastics with fiber based packaging that allowed for greater opportunity to differentiate the brand with a more attractive appearance on the retail shelf. In addition, the new material resulted in significant improvements for the environment. Billerud leveraged its production partner network to produce packaging that would meet strict technical guidelines to deliver uniform results to the client’s multiple OEM locations throughout China. We also trained the client’s OEM factories to ensure that items were packed correctly, preserving the impact on retail. 


Increased market share and customer base with more retailers purchasing and selling the products. Higher brand value perception with packaging consistency in color and packaging material across the portfolio. Last but not least, the company has also made an important contribution to the environment with more than 47,000 kg of PET plastics removed per year from the packaging’s lifecycle.


  • Increased sales
  • Increased brand value and expanded retail presence
  • 47,000 kg of PET plastics removed from the packaging’s lifecycle per year
  • A uniform, appealing packaging design made from renewable, recyclable and biodegradable corrugated material
  • A total service offering where Billerud is responsible for design, packaging production, trials and implementation

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