Global pandemic is forcing companies to control costs, look to packaging for solutions

With the global slowdown due to Covid-19, now is an opportune time to review the packaging for your products. 


Packaging is often not given much thought until there is a disruption such as product damage. Since packaging touches many areas of the company, there are multiple opportunities for improvement that can impact your bottom line. The global pandemic has forced companies to control costs and become more efficient with less, so with a deep dive into your packaging touchpoints you will unlock the true value of packaging and where it can be optimized. 

Packaging is a complex system but a few key factors to look at for improvement are:

  • Cost
  • Materials 
  • Design

Does the organization have a clear understanding of the cost of packaging or is it rolled into the product cost?

Are the packaging materials sustainable and appropriate for the product it contains? Are there other materials that provide a better cost benefit?

Is the package designed to be easy to open and close? Does the shipping carton flow through your entire supply chain smoothly? Can the structure be redesigned to use less materials?

There are many more possible questions, but each of these can provide savings throughout your organization. If you have questions about packaging solutions and how to begin, let's set up a time to talk.

Mark Maxwell

Global Account Manager

Detroit, Michigan

+1 248 934 4071

Mark Maxwell has over 20 years of global packaging experience in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Industrial and Automotive sectors. His positions include; Director of Global Packaging, Automotive Container Program Manager and Sr. Manager Global Packaging. He enjoys collaborating to create packaging solutions that benefit all stakeholders as well as the environment.

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