How Packaging Supports a Sustainable Supply Chain [Infographic]

Supply chains are often misunderstood and overlooked, resulting in expensive inefficiencies and waste. At scale, the amount of waste produced by your supply chain could be disastrous to the environment and your company’s bottom line. With these considerations in mind, more businesses are making sustainability a priority.


How does sustainability benefit supply chains?

Advancements in technology, engineering and design have made sustainability not only possible but essential. Innovations in sustainable supply chain management have empowered organizations to eliminate waste and streamline their supply chains from top to bottom. 

This infographic shows the key components of a sustainable supply chain, along with the benefits of switching to a sustainable model. 

  • Space utilization
  • Materials management
  • Packaging design with purpose
  • Strategic analysis
  • Far-reaching implications of sustainable business practices

Find out what goes into sustainable packaging with our infographic, The Importance of Packaging in a Sustainable Supply Chain.

Anatomy of a Sustainable Supply Chain_v4.jpg

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Do you need help developing a sustainable packaging program?

If you are interested in helping your organization develop a sustainable packaging program, you need insights from packaging, materials and supply chain experts. Find out how to plan, develop and implement a program with our eBook, Designing a Sustainable Packaging Program.

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Supply chains are responsible for a significant amount of carbon emissions and other forms of pollution.

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