Is Your Packaging Readily Recyclable?

As consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious, they are opting for products with readily-recyclable packaging.

Data from Packaging Digest’s 2015 Sustainable Packaging Study showed that 57% of consumers consider a product’s recyclability a priority when it comes to sustainability. Their 2017 study indicates that 92% of consumers say sustainability is an important factor.

Consumers care about their environmental impact and reducing their carbon footprint. Purchasing products with eco-friendly packaging, and even more so, being willing to spend more money on products with sustainable packaging is a reflection of this commitment. According to the Green Business Bureau, organizations that can align themselves with these green consumer values benefit by:

  • Reducing their own carbon footprint
  • Having packaging that is more easily disposable
  • Improving their brand image
  • Expanding their customer base

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Companies that are interested in targeting the purchasing power of green consumers should consider the data presented in the infographic below.

Is Your Packaing readily Recyclable Infographic

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Reducing and eliminating waste in packaging can yield significant savings for organisations, while promoting sustainability at a large scale.

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