Designing the Perfect Shoebox [INFOGRAPHIC]

Shoebox packaging should match your brand’s style. Learn about the elements that go into footwear packaging design with our shoebox infographic. 

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Shoebox packaging design can have lasting implications for both brands and consumers. For consumers, packaging is often the first physical point of a contact they have with a product—especially if they are buying online. For brands, packaging affects supply chain efficiency, freight costs and sustainability performance.


Whether you’re introducing a new line of products or looking to optimise existing footwear packaging, it may be time to consider customising your shoeboxes. A custom shoebox design can help footwear companies:

  • Improve sustainability performance
  • Decrease material usage
  • Prevent product damage
  • Reduce freight costs 
  • Boost customer satisfaction 
  • Stand out amongst competitors 


In the infographic below, we explore different elements of shoebox design—including material selection, structural design and graphic application. 

BILL-designing-the-perfect-shoebox-InfographicV3 (1).jpg

Shoebox Packaging Design Tailored to Your Brand

If you don’t know where to start in terms of designing the optimal shoebox for your product line, Billerud Managed Packaging can help. We examine your existing packaging and look for optimisation opportunities that can increase sustainability performance, reduce cost and enhance customer experience. 


For more information about what a custom retail packaging design could do for your brand, get in touch with the Managed Packaging team


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