Is Your Packaging Designed for Distribution?

In a perfect world, every product you ship from manufacturing facilities in Southeast Asia would arrive intact to warehouses, distribution centers and store shelves in Europe and North America. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world—but we can design packaging that’s better suited for the world we do live in.

Fast-moving global supply chains pose inherent risks, including shocks, drops and vibrations. The key to minimizing product damage, then, is to make sure that the packaging system itself is designed with those hazards in mind.

Lack of understanding about the distribution environment can lead to damage due to under-packaging, but it can also lead to waste if the product is over-packaged. The most effective and cost-optimized packaging will provide just enough protection so that the product will survive the supply chain. We’ve put together this infographic to explain some of the distribution hazards packaging is subjected to on its long journey from Asia to Europe and North America.

As you learn more about the true cost of damaged packaging, think about the actual hazards present in your supply chain and how much money your organization can save with just a few small changes in terms of packaging design or material selection. If you aren’t sure where to start, or if you’re curious how much you can save, contact the packaging optimization experts at Billerud. As your single point of contact for all packaging needs in Asia, we make the complex world of packaging simple so you can achieve measurable results without sacrificing quality or control.

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Distribution is a critical aspect of your supply chain, with often-overlooked opportunities for cost savings and improved efficiency.

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