Addressing Rising Freight Costs With Better Packaging [INFOGRAPHIC]

As ocean freight rates continue to rise, how can brands mitigate these costs? By optimising their packaging to eliminate unused space and increase container density. 

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Container shipping rates have risen dramatically since late 2020, and there is little evidence to suggest that this trend will slow down any time soon. According to data from Xeneta Shipping Index, current ocean freight rates are highest when shipping from East Asia to Northern Europe. As of July 2021, it costs approximately $13,000 to ship a standard 40’ container. 

For companies that operate international supply chains, rising freight costs can be a major concern. Below, we dive into the data behind rising ocean freight rates, and how brands can address these costs through strategic packaging solutions.

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Learn More About Mitigating Container Shipping Rates With Packaging

By optimising your packaging, you are able to eliminate empty space within boxes and fit more products into a shipping container. This can translate to significant freight savings. In fact, the average Billerud customer achieves ocean and air freight savings between 15%-30%.

For more information on how to reduce freight costs, reach out to our Managed Packaging team today. Our packaging experts can help you design and implement a packaging solution that allows you to increase container density without sacrificing performance. 

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