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Why You Should Develop Retail Packaging and Transport Packaging Together

Treating packaging as an afterthought can lead to supply chain inefficiencies. Learn the benefits of developing retail packaging and transport...

Design as a Service Helps You Optimise Your Product Packaging

Billerud’s Design as a Service (DaaS) provides customized solutions for brands seeking to optimise package design. With a focus on...

Packaging Compliance Program provides peace of mind and lowers risk for brands manufacturing in Asia

Case studies

Case Study: Barebones

Barebones realized they had a packaging issue when thousands of products arrived from the China factory to the US Distribution Center damaged and...

Case Study: Traeger Grills

When Traeger wanted to remove foam and plastic from their packaging, they turned to Billerud Managed Packaging for a revamped customer experience...

Wilson's plastic-free tennis ball packaging

Wilson Sporting Goods approached Billerud with a challenge: Design an environmentally-friendly container to match their innovative new tennis...


How Packaging Contributes to a More Sustainable Future

Learn how sustainable packaging can have a positive effect on your business and the planet.

Strategic Packaging Procurement in Southeast Asia

How Better Sourcing = More Savings In Packaging Procurement

How to Make a Business Case for Eco-Friendly Packaging

Find out how to make the business case for eco-friendly packaging in our in-depth eBook


There is more to sustainable packaging than using recycled materials

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I ask you, “What is sustainable packaging?” I’m guessing your answer is using recycled materials...

Ecommerce packaging - How do brands want to be perceived?

Extra Extra Read All About It! Today’s headlines scream urgency of our ever-growing ecological crisis. Packaging waste is at an all time high.

Convincing Management Packaging is Important

Do you have issues with your inbound packaging but your management is not - Listening -  Downgrading the problem – Neglecting your wish to...

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How to Take Control of Packaging for Improved Profitability

Inbound Packaging: The Hero of Your Business

Unboxing of a Madein Fry Pan

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