How we work together

By serving as the single point of contact, we help your company manage the complexities of packaging throughout Southeast Asia.

Start working towards a solution

Over the last two decades, our collaborative approach with customers has given us extensive experience working with global supply chains. To develop a customised solution, it is crucial to understand how your packaging is performing. We begin with a conversation that includes the following questions:

  • What is your product damage rate due to packaging?
  • How do you ship products from Southeast Asia?
  • What are your handling and repackaging costs?
  • How are packaging inefficiencies negatively affecting your profitability?
  • What are your sustainability goals?

Though each program is unique and customised, we use the process of Discover, Design and Deliver to ensure your packaging solution is aligned with your business goals.


We take a close look at your supply chain to identify savings opportunities, uncover inefficiencies and determine where the biggest concerns are, so we can make the best recommendations based on the current state of your packaging operations.


There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all packaging solution. We design and engineer packaging solutions made to fit your products and your supply chain. It's only the "right fit" if it's customised for your specific needs.


As the single point-of-contact for your packaging production, we ensure your solutions are delivered to your factory on time and on specification. These hidden savings drive results where it matters most - your bottom line.

Managed Packaging Solutions

Freight savings
15% to 30%
Product damage reduction
40% to 50%
Packaging reuse savings
60% to 80%
*Results based on historical data. Individual program results may vary.

Meet your team

Billerud is an international leader in sustainable packaging. Our Managed Packaging team of designers, engineers and materials experts work closely with our customers to collaborate and ensure:

  • Packaging is up to specifications
  • Cost savings hit target goals
  • Inefficiencies and wasteful materials are reduced or eliminated
  • Sustainable materials are implemented without sacrificing performance

We are committed to serving customers around the world with the highest possible service. Each of our clients are provided with optimal customised solutions, powered by unique knowledge and experience.

Global sales and project managers

Our global sales and project managers are the main points of contact and take full responsibility for each program. These professionals are knowledgeable in all aspects related to packaging, including materials, design and distribution. They specialise in the planning, implementation and oversight of all programs.

Engineering, design and testing

Our design and engineering teams create custom packaging solutions to provide savings to the customer. They extend graphics across products, optimise structural design and conduct rigorous performance testing, so your packaging can be implemented consistently throughout Southeast Asia.


Effective sourcing is a critical aspect of any supply chain. Our sourcing team ensures the capabilities and capacity of each vetted supplier. They identify the best value and materials to anticipate each customer's needs.

Quality and compliance

Our regional quality and compliance teams assess our production network, making sure all packaging meets or exceeds the requirements of our customers. They monitor and audit packaging facilities to ensure compliance.

Leverage our expertise and knowledge

Regional expertise

More than 25 years of experience managing packaging programs in Southeast Asia.

International presence

Locations in North America, Europe and Asia, and a network of production partners.

Sustainability benefits

Optimised solutions that reduce materials, freight costs and carbon footprint

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