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Large global brands manufacturing in Asia rely on us to develop, optimise and manage their transport and retail packaging programs. Our customers have saved up to 30% in freight costs, and reduced product damage by up to 80%. Optimised packaging solutions also reduce your carbon footprint. Utilising our environmental LCA tool, we can calculate your CO2 emission and freshwater savings.

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Design as a Service (DaaS) provides you with an expert packaging team ready to tackle your most challenging issues. Whether you are looking to reduce freight costs, improve packaging performance or need help with new product packaging, we will customize a project to meet your needs and your budget.

Reduce ocean and air freight costs

Box weight reduction of 18% resulted in $5M in air freight savings

Improve sustainability footprint

Material reduction prevented nearly 5,000 metric tons of CO2 into the air

Packaging program simplicity

Billerud simplifies my job - and I don't have to worry about any hassles

Reduce product damage

Big box retailer reduced damage by 80% as a result of better structure designs

Customer Environmental Savings

The aggregated sustainable packaging improvements of some of our top customers illustrate the environmental benefits of optimized packaging. These estimations include retail and transport packaging for some of the world’s top brands.

SHIPPPED CARTONS: 268+ million retail and transport cartons delivered

CO2 SAVINGS: Reduced CO2 emissions by 86,643,667 kg (18,699 gas passenger vehicles driven for 1 year)

FRESHWATER SAVINGS: 2,320,122,021 litres. (92 Olympic swimming pools)

PLASTIC REPLACEMENT: Replaced 967,851 kg of plastic packaging with fiber based alternative.

*Disclaimer:  Results and figures presented here are subject to the Billerud Managed Packaging disclaimer found at: Presentation Disclaimer

Packaging Solutions

Transport Packaging

Efficient transport packaging is optimised for best use of space and performance throughout the supply chain from factory to DC.

  • Higher freight density and container loading
  • Decreased product damage
  • Improved space utlisation in DC
Transport Packaging

Retail Packaging

Gain consistent quality across factories and regions, reduce product damage, and improve sustainability footprint.

  • Right-sizing and optimisation
  • Color management and brand protection
  • Reduction of single use plastics
Retail Packaging

Ecommerce Packaging

Durable ecommerce packaging that prevents product damage, delivers and exceptional customer experience and survives the last mile.

  • In-house transit testing
  • Innovative structure designs
  • High performing materials
Ecommerce Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Packaging decisions can help contribute to your corporate sustainability goals and elevate your brand to the consumer.

  • Recyclable and renewable materials
  • Light-weighting and right-sizing
  • Environmental tool to measure packaging impact
Sustainable Packaging

Heavy Duty Packaging

Structural design expertise for heavy and complex products that prevent damage and withstand an international supply chain.

  • Structural engineering and design
  • ISTA testing
  • Strong and high performing materials
Heavy Duty Packaging

Package Design and Testing

Teams in China, US and Europe work seamlessly to deliver more efficient and higher performing packaging solutions for your brand.

  • ISTA testing
  • Amazon APASS design certified
  • Material and structural expertise
Package Design

When our manufacturing partners receive Billerud packaging, they’re always blown away. It’s 10 or 100 times better than anything they’d even thought about... As a senior product manager, Billerud simplifies my job. I know that the packaging is going to turn out well, everything is going to be thorough and well-managed, and I don’t have to worry about any hassles.
Christian Halling, Senior Product Manager, Barebones

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