WHAT IF the future is in your hands?

At Billerud we strive to make a difference for people and the planet. But we can’t make it on our own. To challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future calls for all of us to contribute by making the right choices in our everyday lives.

As a company, we build on more than 150 years of experience from the forest and paper industry. Today, we rank among the 10 percent most sustainable companies in the world*. As a challenger in our industry, driving sustainable progress together with our customers and end users, it’s not always about having the right answers, but daring to ask the right questions.

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Caring about people and the planet

From an innovation perspective, our approach is about nurturing curiosity, thinking differently and seeking new opportunities. We believe all aspects of packaging can be improved and that paper from responsible forestry is the best material, simply because it enables sustainable solutions.

What if packaging could be lighter? What if it could sense temperature? What if it could be easier to recycle? This mindset and approach is at the heart of our culture and business.

By asking inspiring questions and taking a holistic approach to packaging, with a deep understanding of the end-users needs and wishes, we can develop high-performance materials that care about the planet.

What if we could make a paper bottle?

To boost innovation, Billerud takes on a number of challenger projects in different areas. One of the most progressive is our commitment to develop a paper bottle for carbonated drinks together with our partners. What if it’s possible? And what if it could replace all plastic bottles polluting our nature, climate and oceans? The environmental impact potential is enormous.

What if you are the change?

Our curious mindset is present in everything we say and do – from innovation to communication. By asking What if? we want to spark peoples’ imagination and, like us, start to challenge conventional packaging in their everyday lives.

Our business begins and ends with all of us consumers. By choosing paper and board instead of plastic and recycle the packaging we use, we improve the future prospects for our planet. Together, we can shape a better tomorrow.

 *Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2017

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