What if responsible packaging gave the oceans a chance to breathe?

Late 2018 the Tara Pacific Expedition returned to France after nearly three years of examining the biodiversity of coral reefs and their evolution in response to climate change and human activities. During its course, the expedition co-hosted events with Billerud­Korsnäs in Portland, New York and finally Boston to showcase exciting packaging innovations and provide a meeting place to discuss collaborative solutions to drive improvements across the supply chain.


We are in the process now that this environmental issue can be turned into opportunities for business, for marketing and for products.
Romain Troublé, Executive Director – Tara Expeditions Foundation

In the US, Tara scientists were given the opportunity to share their research perspectives on micro-plastics with schools and business leaders in science and sustainability. Tara’s findings – including over 30 000 samples from 32 coral reef sites–  are helping BillerudKorsnäs develop sustainable packaging solutions for the future.

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Tara has provided:
• Over 32,000 samples gathered from 32 coral reef sites
• Unparalleled data to help define optimal conditions for ensuring coral survival
• Evidence that diverse reef states are due to a varying mix of global and local stress factors

Recognising the problems to find the solutions

Tara’s findings underscore the need for a concentrated effort across packaging industries to produce responsible packaging solutions that adhere to consumers’ demands for more sustainable packaging alternatives.

Petra Einarsson, President and CEO at BillerudKorsnäs, believes that responsible packaging “is the beginning of a movement, not the spike of a trend” and if the suc­cessful events in the US are anything to go by, business leaders and consumers are determined to drive change to alleviate the effects of climate change.

The Tara Expeditions Foundation, sponsored by BillerudKorsnäs and other environ­mentally conscious parties, has completed 11 scientific expeditions and collected more than 60,000 samples. Their discoveries are transforming the way we com­prehend the oceans and helping BillerudKorsnäs develop new and innovative pac­kaging solutions.

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