Nothing should last forever*, neither should packaging

Four billion tonnes of waste are produced in the world every year and plastic particles can be found in all our oceans. How will that impact the life of future generations?

*except love

Tara Expeditions studies how plastic waste affects species such as plankton, changing the way our ecosystem functions. As the influence of plastic increases, the need to challenge conventional thinking and find new sustainable packaging solutions becomes increasingly urgent.

We need to reconsider our legacy to our children.


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Tara Expeditions organises trips to explore the impact of climate change and the effect on our seas.

A legendary boat built for extreme conditions, Tara is the platform for advanced research missions.

Plastic debris in our oceans is one of the most pressing environmental concerns of our times. 

With a high-level scientific approach, interaction between plastics and the ecosystem can be documented.

It is vital to understand the ocean, a complex ecosystem covering 71% of the globe.


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