Do you want to help create a sustainable future through your work?

Billerud is a world leading company in high-performing paper and packaging materials.
We dare to innovate and put our customers in the center by developing sustainable alternatives that challenge the conventional in the packaging industry. Our commitment goes beyond products; it's about reshaping the way businesses and consumers perceive and use packaging to minimize environmental impact.

We care for our people. Billerud is an international company with local roots. No matter where you work, we take pride in always making safety our number one priority.

Realize your true value. At Billerud we lead the change in everything that we do. We have a strong focus on growth and development, offering diverse opportunities for employees to evolve professionally and personally.

Join us in redefining sustainable packaging and drive meaningful change for a better tomorrow.

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Our production units

Our production units are surrounded by beautiful forests and rivers. Click here to see our locations.

Billerud In the world

Billerud’s sales organisation is committed to efficiently serving all of its customers around the world. Click here to find us.

Why Billerud?

We consider our employees to be our most important resource – it is thanks to them and our values that we are Billerud.