Tilton Söderlund

Mechanic - Skärblacka

1. What did you do before you started Billerud Technical Trainee Program?
Before I started at Billerud, I was employed as a carpenter in Borås and worked all over Sweden, mostly myself so it is a big change but for the better.
2. What was the best thing about the program?
That there was a lot of new to learn even though I and a colleague who attended the program had been here before and worked. Lots of new people to get to know and also learn from during the practical part. And must not forget those from HR who took care of us.
3. What tips would you give to others who are interested in our program?
Be prepared that there will be a lot of information at the same time, but keep your ears and eyes open and take in as much as possible. Try to help each other as much as possible, I know it helped us anyway and do not forget to have fun!