What if packaging gave the oceans a chance to breathe?

Have you considered how important the oceans are to humanity? Covering more than 70 percent of the surface of our planet, they lie at the core of our climate system and orchestrate most of the life on Earth. If they’re in bad shape, so are we. To give our oceans a fighting chance and reduce our impact on climate change, we need to know what’s going on in the deep blue. That’s where Tara Ocean Foundation comes in.

Tara’s long journey

400,000 km travelled, 11 scientific expeditions and stopovers in more than 60 countries.

Tara’s contribution to science

More than 60,000 samples collected with research featuring in more than 70 scientific publications.

Tara’s role in education

45,000 school children invited aboard Tara and two million people visited the ship during the expeditions.

Fact finding

Since 2014, Billerud has been a proud sponsor of the Tara Expeditions Foundation, a French not-for-profit organisation that has funded the research schooner, Tara, on its mission to contribute to our growing knowledge of the oceans and climate change since 2003. The organisation was launched thanks to the involvement of the business community and especially its founder, French fashion stylist agnès b.

Targeting plastic waste in our oceans

How are millions of tonnes of plastics in the oceans affecting the entire ecosystem? Tara’s findings paint a problematic picture for us all.

Tara Expeditions Foundation – get involved!

The unique boat Tara is available to researchers from all over the world who analyse pollution, the effects of climate change and diversity.

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