Winning with our people

Every single employee has a role to play in the change management work being carried out by Billerud.

Sustainable Leadership & Sustainable People

A vital part of Billerud´s strategy is our employees. It is through our employees that we will reach our goals and achieve our vision. Having dedicated employees who wants to be a part of our journey is necessary, and we know that commitment is largely built by our leaders. Our top 150 leaders globally have together developed the concept, Sustainable Leadership, which consists of clear expectations of our leaders. We have then built tools and trainings to support the leaders to develop and deliver on these expectations.

However, to win with our people we need to have clear expectations of all our employees and build the best prerequisites for our people to reach and deliver on the expectations. Therefore, we are now during 2021 developing Sustainable People together with our employees. Being a Sustainable employee means taking care of yourself, driving your future growth, working towards our priorities and a sustainable future. With our code of conduct and our values as a core, it includes priorities we need to focus on such as safety, performance, inclusion to win together; winning with our people!



The employee survey gives valuable insights

At least once every two years we conduct a Group-wide employee survey, the last one was conducted during 2021. The aim of the employee survey is to identify what strengths and development areas we have for Billerud as a whole but also for specific parts of the organization. We use the results and the insights that we receive from the employee survey in order to develop as a company.

Skills for the future

We have a yearly competence mapping process in order to identify the skills needed to be able to focus our strategic work with employer branding and recruitment towards the right target groups. In addition we have internal recruiters who are proactively seeking potential candidates for our vacancies, started a technical trainee programme for critical vacancies identified in the competence mapping process, development and leadership programmes for all levels and offered work placements and summer jobs.


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We at Billerud are committed not only to paper and smart, sustainable packaging, but also to our employees.

Our view of sustainability

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