The Paper Bottle project

WHAT IF your favourite soda came in a paper bottle?

A paper bottle in every hand – that’s what the future holds if the paper bottle project succeeds. At Billerud, we challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future by driving innovation through collaboration. One such initiative is our collaboration with Paboco, the paper bottle company.

Paboco is an innovation spearhead initiative launched in 2019 with a sole purpose – change the industry for good by developing recyclable and 100% biobased paper bottles at scale

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Together with Paboco - Paper Bottle Community, we have  reached an important milestone – a first prototype of the next generation paper bottle where we have managed to fully integrate the barrier – the coating that separates the liquid from the paper – into the paper bottle itself.

We have invested for 2 years into this development and are proud to present the first prototype of the paper bottle with an integrated barrier. We know there is still a lot of work ahead to offer this at scale, but each step brings us closer to that target.
Florian Müller, CTO at Paboco.

Connecting the world’s leading experts

The project began in 2015, when Billerud, Carlsberg and innovation expert EcoXpac joined forces after having worked in parallel on similar projects. To move closer to the vision and align the efforts of all stakeholders, the project was eventually transformed into the separate innovation company, Paboco, where Billerud and bottle specialist manufacturer Alpla are main owners, and where the EcoXpac founder family is represented as a minority shareholder.

Now, as a project collaborator, Billerud is one of several world-leading players sharing our joint expertise in materials, barriers, design and technology. Working closely together with the Paboco community of pioneering brand owners. Our shared vision is to create the world's first 100 percent recyclable paper bottle for liquid content and even carbonated beverages.

Rising to the challenges

From idea to design, production and finished product, the challenges are many. Today, Billerud plays an active role in the project by addressing three out of eight key challenges in the innovation process

A bio-based barrier

A bio-based barrier that withstands both water vapour and oxygen transmission. Use of materials that encourage recycling and in the future designed to be returned to nature without harm. To have a working barrier is mandatory, but as often in innovation projects we improve details over time as we learn along the way to create an optimal solution. Depending on usage, he first generation bottles will most like

The perfect pulp recipe

A fibre blend - sustainably sourced strong Nordic virgin fibres developed to hold carbonated beverages and still look beautiful. To find the proper mix for a bottle of moulded pulp, we conducted hundreds of tests in our Pulp Lab. Using a variety of wood fibre that resulted in a special version of a standard pine pulp mixture.

Pulp 3D moulding

Pulp 3D moulding of wood based fibres with amazing design details and accuracy showing the beauty of paper. Through steam assistant drying process, and Billerud’s pulp recipe, the paper bottle can be moulded in one piece, providing world-unique properties both in terms of shape and functionality.

Reaching for our vision

So, what if your favourite soda came in a paper bottle? Your skin lotion ? And what if it could help push the bottle industry in a more sustainable direction? A paper bottle is, of course, an achievement in itself. And we seriously believe it will become a game-changer in the packaging industry. One that will improve your favourite products and change the retail experience as we know it.

At Billerud, we believe that working together with Paboco and all involved experts is the best way to capture new opportunities and co-create the future of sustainable packaging.

Welcome to follow us on our journey.

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