Utilising high strength with high performance

Millions of tons of industrial products, foodstuffs and animal feed are packed in sacks made from BillerudKorsnäs high-quality kraft paper. Using 100% primary fibres from northern forests gives the material a unique strength, allowing packaging converters and brandowners the opportunity to optimise the packaging weight while still maintaining strength under a huge variety of conditions. This leads to increases in efficiency, productivity and reliability.

BillerudKornsäs QuickFill® is our range of white and brown kraft papers for valve sacks. The paper grades have been developed for today's high-speed converting and filling machines. The wide product range offers a perfect combination of high strength and excellent deaeration properties, meaning that QuickFill® sacks can be optimized in size and sack weight while performing better in filling and handling.

Nine reasons for choosing QuickFill®

1. Less paper per sack

2. Lower packaging weight

3. Stronger sacks

4. Cleaner sacks

5. Higher filling speed

6. Fewer broken sacks

7. Exact filling of sacks

8. Efficient palletising and storage

9. Easier to handle during transportation


BillerudKorsnäs´range of white and brown sack papers offer high strength and excellent functionality for a wide range of applications.  Due to their high quality and consistency, they also provide superior productivity in converting machines, making these sack papers ideal for use as valve sacks.


Last updated: 2012-05-15